66 Hamakua Highlight, Big Island, Hawaii

(Image, June 2003, © 2005 M. Childers) 

It was there for less than a minute. I scrambled to open the right window and get my big Schneider Variogon on the image before it disappeared. I had just enough time for one exposure. As I cranked the next frame up, the light faded and we moved on into gloom.

Russell, my pilot/mechanic friend, was making a maintenance flight from Kona to Hilo to replace a starter in one of the company’s Cessna 172s, and we had to go around the north coast because the saddle at Waimea had clouds thicker than pea soup. Skirting the gray walls of weather, we crossed the Kohala and came down on the windward side, where these windows on a remote paradise added many jewel moments of my life.

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