35 Powerline Dustdevil, Laws, California

(Image, May 2004 © 2005 M. Childers)

Every trip has a turning point--that psychological apex when you feel you've traveled as far as you will away from home, and every moment and mile beyond that is pulling you back.

I knew we had reached that point when I got back into our rental SUV after taking this image and my traveling novelist compadre, Gary Goshgarian Braver said, "Ya know buddy, I think we've used up all our freebee miles in this heap. The rental joint is going to pinch us, what was it--29 cents for every mile from here to LA. The way I figure it, that's going to goose our cards for another 70+ bucks!"

I sighed and put arms and head on the steering wheel. "You think that’s a rip-off," I laughed,  "I just photgraphed a whirlwind trying to unscrew a power pole."

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