67 Ozark Sky Fire #2, Missouri

(Image, April 1991 © 2005 M. Childers)

My Mamiya Press Universal is a great roll camera from the 70's. Unfortunately, back when this image was taken, I had to break the camera down into its component parts to fit it in its carrying case. Back then it took about 3 minutes to get it photo ready on the tripod and another minute to get it back in its case. So I'm on this Missouri backroad, and the passing storm sky begins to get underlit by the setting sun. I hurry to a spot where I can get a clear shot, park, set up, compose, and expose. Satisfied, I break down my camera, pack it in its case, close the sliding door on my van, and turn around to a sky twice as fabulous as the one I photographed. So I set everything up again, shoot, and re-pack. Finally, 15 exposures and 3 repackings later, the sun went down, I drove off repeating my new mantra--It ain't over till it's over! It ain't over till it's over. It ain't over till it's over . . .
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