35 Latelight, Grandview Point, Arizona

(Image March 1997, © 2005 M. Childers)

Chinle, Moenkopi, White Rim, Organ Rock, Cedar Mesa, Halgaito--geologic names of land layers laid down even before the great reptiles ruled the earth. Depositions from the Pennsylvanian, the Permian to the Triassic, about 116 million years of oceans, swamps, deserts, and volcanoes laid bare like pages of a wonderful story book.

A lake wind comes up and buffets the rim I am standing on so much that I have to lean on my camera and tripod to make the exposure. The long sun reaches its last light into the hollowed out past of Glen Canyon. Lake Powell ebbs lower, gradually revealing more and more of a magnificent history-- a history that, if we all understood it, might save us.
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