35 From the Walls of Spello, Italy

(Image, August 2000, © 2005 M. Childers)

This image encapsulates a key moment during a daywalk around the Apennine hilltown of Spello in Umbria, Central Italy.

Descending through the town, I came upon a place where the curtain wall in the town’s medieval defenses had fallen inward. I scrambled up the rubble and stood balanced precariously before this engaging landscape.

Vines seemed to stream up the wall like vandals intent on sacking the town’s jewels. I made this exposure, and quickly felt what turned out to be large red ants making their way up my legs with, as far as I could tell, similar intentions.

It was a unique and creatively diverse day, rich with discovery, creative historic hypotheses, endless photographic oppertunites, and a new frenetic variation on the hambone two-step.